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This is a get-together for everyone interested in the new Internet outside of corporate control that is now being built using decentralised technology.

In our meetings we update each other about everything interesting that has been happening recently in the field, discuss current developments and offer a platform to showcase your cool p2p project or idea.

We are not interested in blockchain projects that hijack a buzzword to fulfill neoliberal fantasies. We are especially interested in p2p tech as a path for people to do cool stuff together without centralised control.

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Liebe Chaos Verein


Join us in March for the spring-edition of this meet. Guests t.b.d.

Well, this one didn't happen for obvious reasons.

🚲 CityLAB Berlin, Platz der Luftbrücke 4, 12101 Berlin


Join us in January to continue the conversation about how we can find and organize events using p2p software. There will also be a newsflash with updates from the p2p-world and room for discussion of ux patterns in distributed software.

  • Eileen Wagner tells us about the pattern library for distributed systems she is currently developing. For the past months she has been interviewing people and documenting their approaches to collect knowledge about how to solve ux problems in distributed systems.
  • The Reclaim Club Culture network is preparing a Facebook-Exodus in which Berlin's club and culture scene is mobilized to move announcement of events off of Facebook and towards the Fediverse. See Reclaim Club Culture's Fibel for an overview of their goals and values.



Speaker's projects and other links

🚲 CityLAB Berlin, Platz der Luftbrücke 4, 12101 Berlin

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After a long break we meet again with two guests who are presenting their current p2p projects.

  • Sarah Friend presents her work at Circles UBI where she is working on a basic income that is distributed by being embedded in a digital currency.
  • Andreas Dzialocha tells us about p2panda, a new way to self-organise festivals, conferences and all other kinds of events.


We returned to the map of interesting p2p projects, which we sketched out in the first meeting. There was particular interest in Scuttlebutt and Dat projects. A couple of new projects were introduced that weren't on the map before:

  • cobox:
  • mobilizon: federated events platform. There is a blog post with info about the beta release.
  • PeachCloud: hardware scuttlebutt [link]
  • EVERLIFE.AI: virtual afterlife as a Patchwork clone (ssb) [link]

Slides for Andreas' presentation of the upcoming p2panda project

🚲 CityLAB Berlin, Platz der Luftbrücke 4, 12101 Berlin


Please bring your laptop if you would like to connect on Scuttlebutt

🚲 co.up community space, 3rd floor, Adalbertstr. 8, 10999 Berlin

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